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MARA Registered Migration Agents

Australian Migration Pty Ltd is one of Australia’s Leading Migration Agencies. With Offices in Australia, USA and the UK, we are able to offer 24 hr service to get your visa granted faster and support you more conveniently than any other migration firm.

Our Registered Migration Agents are experts in the following areas

We specialise in difficult cases.

Our specially developed client portal, provides you with all of the information, forms and documentation that are required for you to successfully prepare your visa application, all in one central location. Our staff are contactable 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday, should you have any questions. When your application is ready to be lodged, we can commence preparing and checking your documents immediately, as we operate around the clock.

Why use a Registered Migration Agent ?

There are many reasons why you should use a trusted professional, for some people it is the convenience, others realise that a mistake could cost them many thousands of dollars in non-refundable visa fees, or a mistake could cost them a significant time delay, which effects their career or children’s education. The reality is that most clients don’t need assistance with one single visa, they need a STRATEGY for their ultimate aim of Permanent Residence or Citizenship and this might entail several visas or processes over a 4-6 year period. A student visa, becomes a 457 work visa, then a spouse visa then citizenship. All of these rules and regulations are changing constantly and we keep you up to date as the law changes, with newsletters, emails and if necessary phone calls. Just like your accountant will keep you up to date with tax laws, we will keep you up to date with the best strategy for your unique circumstances.

Further most applicants need much more than just visa advice, they need information about housing, schooling, tax, employment laws, tourist destinations, costs of living, health insurance etc. Rather than wading through millions of websites, our support staff can assist you with many of your questions or quickly point you in the right direction.

Our Principal Migration Agent, Mark Hoath (MARN 0956672), has a Masters in Immigration Law and has successfully handled over 1200 visas in the past 6 years. If you want the best advice and you want the certainty that only experience and knowledge can provide, call us today!

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